About Us

Supporting.Bid was developed by Xyphien LLC to help out charities across the world! We understand sometimes a few dollars might not seem like it does a lot, but with Supporting Bid we give you the option to donate more than a few dollars with just a few dollars. With out lottery system we have in place, you can donate money into our shop, and every week one winner will be chosen. Of that donation pool, 80% will go into a pre-determined charity of your choice.

Why pre-determined? We decided to do it this way so we can go through and gain more information behind each charity we chose to support. We do not put politics into play, and if it goes towards a cause that helps those in need, and they’re proven to be a helpful, and just charity we will support them.

Do you not like, or support those that you do not list? There’s a lot of amazing charities out there, and we cannot cover them all by ourselves. If you know of a charity that’s good, has helped you, or you’ve heard promising things on them, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we will look into them. If they show promise we will add them to the list!

Why don’t I just donate to those charities directly? You can, by all means! However, we give this option so a large some of money can be donated to them at one time. We feel having a large amount go towards them at once will allow them to buy equipment faster, and help out their cause in a timely manner.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

As someone who loves to give back in anyway I can, Supporting Bid helps me help charities I never would have even heard of before, helping more people than I usually would have been able to. They have my full trust and support.

Alex Sellars, UKSupporter

Our Pre-Approved Charities:

All choices MUST come from our Pre-Approved Charity list. If you wish to add a new charity, use the CONTACT US page and send in a request. We will evaluate the charity and see if it meets our standards.

*Images Coming Soon*

Any animal charity from https://animalcharitiesofamerica.org
Any Charity from https://www.charitywatch.org/top-rated-charities with a B+ or higher
https://www.rotary.org (Must provide what type of fund.)